Gamma-Sup II

The device for the Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

Gamma-Sup II was made for the Sentinel Lymph Node or small tumors intra-operative detection and the surgeon can use it autonomously.

High sensitivity thanks to the Crystal technology.

High resolution collimator allowing an excellent spatial resolution.


With a CE (n°0459) reference, Gamma-Sup II belongs to the II. a class concerning medical devices.
CLERAD did several studies about the Gamma-Sup II system to maximize the radio-labelled tissues detection with radioactive isotopes emitting gamma rays, especially for the 99mTc. Its high efficiency allows surgeons to find the exact localization of an emitter source of gamma rays.
This system has high performances and it is a efficient tool to locate and remove radio-labelled tissues (labelled by a radioactive tracer). Gamma-Sup II is designed for surgeons to guide them toward the sentinel lymph node removal in cases of melanoma or breast cancer.



  • Energy field : between 10 and 600 keV
  • Multi-isotope detection : 99mTc, In111, I125, I131 and other on demand
  • Shielding > 99% for 99mTc
  • Optimum digital display with 6 numbers in counts/second
  • Lifetime guarantee of the solid connectors
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