The essential device for treatments by isolated limb perfusion

Isolated limb perfusion is a surgical technique that we use to treat melanoma and sarcoma. The Gamma-Am (Activity Monitoring) device is the essential tool for this technique.
Thanks to Gamma-Am, the surgeons have a continuous real-time control of the chemotherapy leakage rate from the isolated limb to the patient’s bloodstream.


With a CE (n°0459) reference, Gamma-Am belongs to the II. b class concerning medical devices.

The ILP (Isolated Limb Perfusion) technique is used to isolate a limb to deliver it drugs (TNFα + Melphalan) directly at least 10 times superior than a systemic chemotherapy. The drugs are delivered through extracorporeal circulation technique.

The high drug concentrations necrose the tumor and reduce its volume : avoiding amputation and mutilating surgery.

Role and Working

The high toxocity from the TNFα could be a major risk for the patient in case of a leakage from the isolated limb to the bloodstream. That’s why a control device is necessary.

The probe is put near the heart (precordium). A first injection of small amount of albumin radio-labelled with 99mTc is done in the systemic circulation as background noise. Then, a dosis of drugs radio-labelled 30 to 50 times higher is injected in the isolated limb through the extracorporeal circulation.

The system is constantly measuring the radio-active product variation that is in the systemic circulation. The medical team is highly-reactive because the leakage rate is controlled consistently (tourniquet adjustment, reduction of intervention time,…).

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