Why Dolphin?

Designed for ease of use and efficiency in pre-treatment Patient QA as well as Machine QA.

  • Save QA time & increase QA confidence
  • Setup & QA measurement efficiency: be ready to measure within 1 minute
  • Full 40×40 cm field size measurements: QA efficiency even for large cases
  • Measurement accuracy: highly accurate ion chamber detector & detection capability based on real delivered treatment
  • 3D patient dose analysis to evaluate complex cases
  • Verification accuracy: TPS-class software for advanced error analysis  


Setup efficiency

  • Be ready to measure within 1 minute. Simply attach Dolphin to your gantry and operate wirelessly.

Measurement accuracy

  • High resolution full 40×40 cm field size output measurements.
  • High error detection capability, based on real delivered treatment (vs. logfile “calculation only” or EPID solutions).
  • Highly accurate and proven ion chamber detector.
  • Designed to verify real dose.

Verification efficiency

  • Instant automatic check and display of results.

Verification power

  • Independent QA compared to Linac dependent logfile solutions.
  • Default TPS check for fast “calculation only” QA.
  • Comprehensive optional 3D patient-based verification of any TPS plan.
  • TPS-class error analysis.
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